Monday, November 20, 2006


These are just a few pics taken from Paul, of Dan Aykroyd making a guest appearance last week at a small blues bar here in Halifax. A few of us went there for 7 to have some awesome ribs and beer and to chill out until the dan showed up. When he did (around 11), people went nuts and camera flashes were going all over the place. He went right up on stage, played one song, and then scooted out in the back. That was it?? One friggin song??? Oh well, at least we saw him, and his blues brothers car parked out front.

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Anonymous said...

Dan Aykroyd! Cool! I heard he's a really tallented musicial. Halifax is buzzin'. Haha! I met Jim Caviezel in Starbucks on Saturday! Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Hope to chat sometime soon. Later.